WSSCC is proud of its democratic governance structure, whereby members elect a Steering Committee that makes strategic and policy decisions.

WSSCC is a membership organization and it relies on its diverse and actively-engaged membership both to direct and to provide credibility for its work. A people-centered approach is the foundation upon which WSSCC is built and this is reflected in its organizational structure at the highest level, the Steering Committee. A member-elected Steering Committee means that WSSCC's membership as a whole both directs and provides credibility for WSSCC's work.

The Steering Committee decides the policies and strategies of WSSCC, manages the governance process, and is accountable to both the members and the donors for its work.

The Steering Committee includes a Chair, Regional Members, Partner Agency Members, Ex officio Members, Non-voting Invitees, and Permanent Non-voting Observers.

These are the current members:

Anna Tibaijuka

 Regional Elected Members

 Term of office ends

 Middle/Northern & Western Africa:

 Peter Cookey

 31 January 2015

 Eastern/Southern Africa:               

 Victor Chipofya                    

 31 January 2015

 South Asia:        

 Anand Ghodke

 30 September 2017

 South-Eastern/East Asia:

 Lwin Khin Maung

 31 December 2014

 Latin America


 Small Island Developing States (SIDS):

 Audreyanna Thomas

 30 September 2017

 Central and Eastern Europe/West
 and Central Asia:

 Akbar Suvanbekov

 31 December 2014

 Global/any region: 


 Barry Jackson

 31 January 2015

 Dennis Mwanza

 28 February 2016

Partner Agency Elected Members


 Andrew Cotton
 Water Engineering & Development
 Centre (WEDC)

 31 August 2015

 Amsalu Negussie
 Plan International

 31 December 2014


UN Partner Agency Member

Ex officio Members
Host Agency: UNOPS; Founding Host Agency: WHO; WSSCC Executive Director; WSSCC GSF Advisory Committee Chair

Non-voting Invitee
Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) Manager

Permanent Non-voting Observers
Donors that currently contribute more than US $100,000 per year to WSSCC.

Full details on the committee's composition are in the WSSCC Governance Document.

Elections of the WSSCC Steering Committee
All WSSCC members can vote in elections for the Steering Committee.

Only WSSCC members that have been members for two or more years are eligible to stand for Nomination as a Steering Committee member.

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