National Coordinators

On the ground, National Coordinators of WASH Coalitions in a number of countries lead WSSCC's work, serving as coalition heads, spokespersons, and advocates for sanitation, hygiene and water supply issues.

Under the auspices of WSSCC, the National Coordinators lead coalitions of like-minded professionals who are WSSCC members. They carry out national and local level networking, knowledge management, advocacy and communications activities and are involved in Global Sanitation Fund programme activities.

The National Coordinators serve in a voluntary capacity and are appointed by the Executive Director of WSSCC. They are respected, senior professionals in their own right, and for WSSCC they have the following tasks:

  • To develop and implement an annual national programme of action
  • To act as the focal point for coordination of the National WASH Coalition of WSSCC's members
  • To contribute to regional and inter-regional activities
  • To identify and mobilize national-level resources to complement WSSCC's core funding for national activities
  • To report to the Secretariat on the use of resources and impact of activities, on national progress and on WSSCC's contribution and recommended strategic direction for future contributions and activities.

WSSCC liaises continually with the National Coordinators, helping the Secretariat to keep in touch with the realities of WASH issues in developing countries. National Coordinators also attend conferences, training sessions, and other events on behalf of WSSCC, and serve as spokespersons in the media.

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National Coordinators