As a group, the staff of the Secretariat subscribe to the following values: Commitment, Respect, Quality, Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Inspiration.

"We are COMMITTED to our organization and its mission, and to each other as individuals. This commitment shows in our work and is driven by the enthusiasm of our staff. We lead through passion for sanitation, hygiene and water supply issues, and we drive the Secretariat forward through our competence, creativity and teamwork.

We treat each other with RESPECT and show appreciation for each other’s professionalism and contributions to our work. We value diversity, treating one another with dignity regardless of rank or status in the Secretariat. Our continued success requires us to be understanding and committed to openness and trust in all relationships. Our work environment is respectful of personal differences and free of discrimination and harassment.

We attach importance to QUALITY and strive for excellence in the products and services that we produce or administer. Continuous improvement and readiness to adapt are cornerstones of our work. Each of us is responsible for the individual and collective quality of whatever we do. We seek to use resources wisely, manage our workplace well, and remain forward looking and deadline conscious.

We act with INTEGRITY in all we do and are personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour. Where we possess power or influence, we wield it with humility and due consideration. We respect each other’s privacy and note the importance of confidentiality and discretion in maintaining a serious but pleasant work environment. With each other, we are honest about what we can and cannot do, and fair in our response to that honesty. We put the interests of poor people in need of sanitation, hygiene and water supply before our own personal interests.

We understand that COLLABORATION with each other, and with our members and partners, is vital in order for WSSCC to succeed in its mission. Therefore, we embrace opportunities to work together. We are a team and desire a working environment where people and departments cooperate, communicate and consult with one another openly and often.

We are ACCOUNTABLE to each other and to the people we serve, namely members, partners, and – most importantly – people without good water supply, sanitation and hygiene. We take on challenges together in order to achieve our goals. We are conscious that each of our actions has an impact on others, particularly the people we serve and our colleagues.

Our work, and through it the people we serve, INSPIRES and motivates us. We, in turn, aim to play our own role in inspiring and motivating others to take up our cause. We embrace creativity, support innovation and encourage initiative."


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