WSSCC is a collaborative organization, and that ethos extends to our affiliations with other organizations, networks and sector initiatives.

Below is a list of the organizations, networks and initiatives to which WSSCC has an institutional affiliation.

WSSCC is represented by Executive Director Chris Williams on the Governing Board of Sanitation and Water for All, the international partnership initiative that is spearheading global efforts to raise the profile of sanitation and water.

WSSCC is a Partner with Special Status in UN-Water, an inter-agency mechanism which fosters greater co-operation and information-sharing among existing UN agencies and outside partners.

WSSCC is also taking a lead role in Sustainable Sanitation: the five year drive to 2015.  Amanda Marlin, WSSCC’s Programme Manager for Advocacy and Communications, is coordinating the work of a core group developing the advocacy strategy and materials for the Drive. The core groups includes representatives from UNICEF, the UNSGAB, the UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UN-DPC) and the UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UN-DPAC). This core group is, in turn, part of the Thematic Priority Area (TPA) on Water Supply and Basic Sanitation of UN-Water. 

WSSCC has Reciprocal Observer Status on the WSP (Water and Sanitation Programme) Council, an international partnership to help the poor gain sustained access to improved water supply and sanitation services, and is represented by Executive Director Chris Williams.

WSSCC is represented by Carolien van der Voorden on the Steering Committee of the Public Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap, which works to save children’s lives by promoting the awareness of this simple practice.



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