The Benin WASH Coalition works to strengthen its strategic partnerships so as to push sanitation higher up the agenda of national and local government.

Through its strategic partnerships, its activities and its involvement in policy processes, the WASH coalition is increasingly winning recognition as a force with which to be reckoned.

National WASH Coalition
Individual WSSCC members in Benin had been involved in WSSCC’s initiatives before the WASH Coalition came into being in April 2007.  Its active members are from the relevant government departments, NGOs, the Benin Water Partnership and the Municipal Development Partnership, under a 10 person steering committee.

The coalition’s main goal is to help Benin to achieve the Millennium Development Goals through policy development and by monitoring what is actually happening. It is keen to promote the WASH (Water – Sanitation – Hygiene) Campaign in schools and communities nationwide.

The coalition is closely linked to Livre Bleu initiative,  and works extensively with journalists and parliamentarians.

Milestones and achievements
Since its start, the coalition has been busy promoting WASH  and has developed a detailed action plan for the years ahead. It has been actively engaged in the following:  

  • advocating improvements to sanitation in national policies and strategies. This has been achieved through an evaluation study on the socio-economic gains from investing in sanitation and by supporting a Network of Parliamentarians for Water and Sanitation;
  • developing Livre Blue, Benin's main advocacy and monitoring report on WASH issues. This reference document was launched in 2009 and describes the challenges to tackle if Benin is to achieve the MDGs.
  • starting WASH programmes in 10 schools and 10 villages in Grand-Popo and in Sakété (2008/2009). These are supporting the implementation of municipal sanitation plans;
  • strategic monitoring to ensure the AfricaSan Action Plan is implemented in Benin;
  • improving the capacity and understanding of media professionals about WASH issues in order to increase coverage of  them. This work includes establishing a Benin Network of Journalists for Water and Sanitation.
  • increasing awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene by celebrating major events, e.g. the National Hygiene and Sanitation Day, World Water Day, the World’s Longest Toilet Queue, Global Handwashing Day, and by distributing educational and promotional materials.

The coalition has a great opportunity to further its work by supporting the national decentralization strategy and through the development of municipal sanitation plans. It always stresses the need to support investment in those plans, and works to harmonize all partners’ approaches.  

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