The dynamic Kenya WASH coalition involves itself into several subgroups on high-level policy support, WASH in schools,  household water treatment and hygiene  promotion.

The WASH Campaign was subsumed into the Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Inter-Agency Coordination Committee (ICC, the former Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Working Group) which was established in April 2010. The ICC is chaired by the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, and includes representatives from the Ministries of Water Resources and of Education, Science and Technology, donors and development partners such as WSP, UNICEF and national and international NGOs. The ICC has six thematic working namely on School WASH, Hygiene Promotion, Sanitation Promotion, Policy, Resources Mobilization & Research, Household Water Treatment & Storage and General & Health Care Waste Management.

The general objective of the ICC is to raise the profile of water, hygiene and sanitation for all in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals in Kenya. The coalition aims as well to ensure that the voices of rural people, especially the poor, are heard.

The ICC’s activities focuses on regional learning and exchange, sharing local experiences and strengthening partnerships between the ICC, district WASH forums and local programmes. Previously the activities of the old Environmental Hygiene and Sanitation Group focused on several themes, but stressed most importantly on school sanitation and hygiene, including the development of policy and guidelines, roll-out of of a child-focused participatory hygiene and sanitation transformation methodology (PHAST) and integrated its experience with school-related activities in the development of a school WASH package.


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