In Malawi, the national WASH coalition engages in policy development, application and introducing monitoring methods such as a water point mapping to the Government.

The Malawi WASH Coalition was established in early 2004 which aims to help institutions to achieve improved coordination of the Malawi WASH sector and to monitor the country’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals on water supply and sanitation. The coallition acts as a loose network for NGOs and individual members and includes government

In regard to policy development, Malawi has introduced the Sector Wide Approach (SWAP). In line with this, the setting up of a national WASH coalition was endorsed by Water Environmental Sanitation (WES) Aid Group and the WASH NGO Network. The network participated actively in sector reforms, supported the development of the sanitation policy and argued for improved coordination of the Malawi WASH sector. Additionally underrtaking significant mapping of community water points.


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