Promoting a public dialogue on sanitation and hygiene is a major activity of the WASH coalition in Mali.

The  national CIEPA/WASH Coalition (la Campagne Internationale pour l'Eau potable et l'Assainissement) was formed in 2007 to create a unified voice to increase sustainable access to adequate water and sanitation services for vulnerable people through advocacy, campaigning and policy support. It seeks to do this by:

  • drawing key decision-makers’ attention to the nature, importance and impact of the water and sanitation crisis and the urgency of addressing it effectively;
  • taking urgent action  in the water and sanitation sector to save lives and reduce poverty.

Lobbying and advocacy on policies: Arguing for improvements in water and sanitation services is the key area of the  coalition.  Its efforts achieved considerable success:

  • more than 142,000 signatures were collected in a petition lobbying for more attention to water and sanitation issues and presented to the African Union and G8 summits;
  • in recent years the campaign has engaged the President of the Republic in the sanitation discussion, which has contributed to the development  of the National Sanitation Policy;
  • the President and his senior colleagues have given increased attention to sanitation  since 2008, the International Year of Sanitation.


  •  it has actively enlisted  celebrities, mobilized a range of groups, and designated outstanding educators as WASH Ambassadors;
  • its celebration of World Toilet Day included  a TV debate with  stakeholders about sanitation issues, and it marked Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day as well.

Building partnerships and capacities – the coalition held:

  • a training seminar for 15 parliamentarians;
  • a training workshop on policy analysis and budget tracking for 40 national civil society organizations.

 Media – the coalition:

  • produced  interactive radio programmes, TV broadcasts aired around National Handwashing Day, and other events;
  • supported the Journalist Network for Water and Sanitation to organize  media awareness activities around WASH.
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