In 2010, the Alliance of WASH Resource Centers was created, with a mandate to focus on knowledge management and advocacy.

Merging different WASH initiatives in Niger will improve coordination and give sector actors a stronger and more active voice.

National WASH Coalition
The Alliance of WASH Resource Centers (L’Alliance des Centres Ressources pour le WASH (ACR/WASH)) was set up  in 2010, to merge the WASH campaign, Livre Bleue and the Global Water Partnership into one body. It comprises 14 organizations, including the government and NGOs, and is coordinated through Le Centre Régional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement (CREPA).

The ACR-WASH will support improvements in water, sanitation and hygiene for Niger, particularly through knowledge management and more efficient collaboration.  

Milestones and achievements
The ACR-WASH has developed its two-year strategy for the years from 2010 to 2012. It will focus on four points:

  • exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices through meetings, publications and sharing sector evaluation results;
  • harmonizing sector strategies, methods, approaches and tools used by people in the field. The ACR-WASH will identify relevant approaches and tools and develop proposals;
  • influencing  the development and implementation of national  policies and strategies, through participation in the relevant committees, in formulation of proposals to  stakeholders and providing support in identifying  and implementing  projects and programmes;
  • ensuring the visibility of work done through a communications strategy, advocacy and support for the  national and international media.

In the coming months, the ACR-WASH will change from a loose network into a more structured entity and will develop an annual action plan.

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