In Nigeria, the WASH coalition has made significant progress in harmonzing sector activities at the national and sub-national levels.

In a short time, the Nigerian WASH coalition has made great strides in harmonizing sector activities at the national and sub-national levels, and in getting policies in place.

National WASH Coalition
The Federal Ministry of Water Resources established the National Task Group on Sanitation (NTGS), the acting national WASH coalition, in 2007. The NTGS brings together ministries and government agencies as well as NGOs, donors and representatives of civil society and the media.

The Task Group concentrates on:

  •  advocacy, policy and strategy development
  •  guidance and capacity building
  •  research, sanitation and  hygiene promotion.

The NTGS coordinates, plans, and develops sector policies on sanitation and hygiene. It then implements, monitors and evaluates them. From 2010 the coalition will focus on strengthening decentralized coordination of all sanitation work at State and local government levels.  

Policy development and advocacy by the NTGS has included:

  • Organization of political dialogue to engage political parties on the national sanitation and water agenda.
  • Input to the sanitation component of the  national Poverty Reduction Strategy document. This revealed gaps in the area of sanitation which the coalition addressed.
  • Holding a workshop (arranged by NGO members of the NTGS) for the National Assembly House Committee on Water Resources, to raise awareness of  the national situation in drinking water access and sanitation coverage.
  • Producing a National Strategy for Scaling-up Rural Sanitation and Hygiene, starting to develop a harmonized sanitation policy tool and mainstreaming school hygiene promotion.
  • Disseminating the Implementation Guidelines for Sanitation and minimum standards on sanitation and hygiene in schools.

Capacity building has involved conducting a national and a zonal workshop on Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), and a trainer’s programme for facilitators.

Research, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion work by the NTGS has covered:

  • Sensitaization workshop to help strengthen sanitation coordinating mechanims in Benue and Cross River States.
  • Participation in a WaterAid-sponsored  three-country study on sustainability and equity aspects of CLTS . This included field visits with observation, interviews and community mapping with the aim of assessing the WaterAid programme’s effectiveness in fighting open defecation.
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