Senegal is one of the few countries with a Ministry dedicated solely to public hygiene and sanitation.

The Senegal WASH coalition, established in 2008, consists of the National Office for Sanitation of Senegal (ONAS), government departments, civil society, development partners, the private sector, consumer associations and the academic world. In fact, the WASH campaign has been active in Senegal ever since the Global WASH Forum in 2004. The coalition seeks to mobilize stakeholders for advocacy on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target for sanitation by 2015. Furthermore it is lobbying to make the sanitation sector a priority and to mobilize financial resources.

In December 2004, several Senegalese ministries were instrumental in achieving a successful Global WASH Forum in Dakar. The Forum’s momentum resulted directly in a number of WASH projects and initiatives, and local representatives found the inspiration to undertake a number of initiatives working towards ensuring full sustainable access to water and sanitation services for all their people. Senegal thereafter became the first country to establish a Ministry of Health and Prevention, Public Hygiene and Sanitation (in 2009 reorganized as the Ministry of Sanitation and Public Hygiene) to coordinate sector activities.


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