Togo is a long-standing member of WSSCC and its WASH coalition draws on considerable experience.

Awareness raising through media and community-based work on sanitation and health is an important pillar of the coalition’s work.

National WASH Coalition
Togo has been a member of the WSSCC family since the 1990s, and was one of the countries that contributed to Vision 21, a strategy for achieving water, sanitation and hygiene goals for all by 2025, and the MDGs by 2015. In September 2007, a Togo WASH  coalition was launched, composed of members from  government  departments (Finance, Hydraulics, Health, and Communication), civil society, international partners such as UNICEF, WHO, Plan Togo, and the Red Cross, as well  the private sector.

The Togo WASH Coalition aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through promoting access to water supply, sanitation and hygiene. It also wants to ensure everyone understands the WASH concept and the challenges confronting the stakeholders. Working with the media to raise general awareness is another cornerstone of its work.

Milestones and achievements
Priority activities are first to encourage village communities to improve their environment, and secondly to support organizations working in the sector to put in place integrated water supply, sanitation and hygiene projects. In 2008, the programme of action included:

  • engaging village communities  in a Healthy Village Competition, which created awareness among both the people and the judge;
  • creating an award for the best integrated WASH project and a Friends of WASH certification;
  • raising the awareness and building the capacity of journalists on WASH issues and running a national WASH Media Award competition; 
  • celebrating WASH-related events in the presence of the Ministers of Environment, Water and Health and other senior officials and coalition members. This focused official attention on the issue.

The coalition aims in the near future to help coalition members as well as media partners to develop a deeper understanding of the WASH concept and challenges to it through a series of training exercises.

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