In Uganda, the National Sanitation Working Group coordinates and promotes hygiene and sanitation work throughout the country, while focusing on one particular group.

Strengthening the link between HIV/AIDS and WASH and collaborating with the media for transmitting messages to the urban poor has reached target audiences and created broader awareness.

National WASH Coalition
The National Sanitation Working Group (NSWG), the Uganda WASH Coalition's formal name, was set up in 2003, to coordinate and promote hygiene and sanitation in the country. The NSWG includes the national line ministries (Water, Health and Education), the National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Kampala City Council, development and bilateral partners and donors, and NGOs such as the Uganda Water and Sanitation Network (UWASNET), the Network for Water and Sanitation (NETWAS), and WaterAid.

The role of the NSWG is to support policy development, advocate and lobby for the priotization of sanitation and hygiene in national plans and funding, and support the coordination of institutions and activities for improved sanitation and hygiene services in the country. 

Milestones and achievements
In 2009, the NSWG focused on addressing behaviour change, through effective use of the media, on the disposal of garbage and human excreta in the peri-urban areas of Kampala. Activities included detailed research and the development of communication ideas in local languages, and then development of a documentary film and radio messages with the chosen slogans.

During 2008, WASH activities related to the International Year of Sanitation saw a lot of campaigning work and advocacy. The NSWG devoted major attention to the link between HIV/AIDS and WASH: it held an advocacy workshop with the National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA) and journalists. It monitored NACWOLA-supported activities and the outcomes of the advocacy workshop.

The  NSWG is also supporting the roll-out of the National Handwashing Campaign, is engaged in policy development, supports the Joint Sector Review, and is organizing events around Global Handwashing Day and World Water Day.

The Minister for Water and Environment has played a key role in promoting the global WASH campaign, and is one of the co-conveners of the global Women Leaders for WASH initiative.

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