The Global Sanitation Fund is a pooled global fund established by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and funded by its donors to gather and direct finance to help large numbers of poor people to attain safe sanitation services and adopt good hygiene practices.

The Global Sanitation Fund selects the countries in which to fund programmes according to the following criteria where there is:

  • a large number of people and proportion of population without basic sanitation
  • high incidence of disease related to poor water, sanitation and improper hygiene
  • low economic and social development indicators
  • a national sanitation policy or strategy, which is not already being fully funded from other sources
  • an existing active National WASH Coalition or other WSSCC partners that request Global Sanitation Fund funding for that country
  • government agreement and welcome that Global Sanitation Fund can support work in the country

Implementation of the GSF's work is currently underway in BeninCambodiaEthiopiaIndiaMadagascar, MalawiNepal, NigeriaSenegalTanzania, Togo, Uganda and Kenya.




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