From small community groups in developing countries, to large international organizations, the Global Sanitation Fund offers grants to do sanitation work and contracts to provide in-country management and oversight.

On average, each participating Global Sanitation Fund country will spend $5 million over five years to carry out its programme of work.

For WSSCC, its United Nations host agency, UNOPS, implements the legal structure and administrative framework for the WSSCC and hence for the Global Sanitation Fund, which, legally speaking, is a United Nations trust fund. All WSSCC funds are channelled through UNOPS and are subject to UNOPS' rigorous financial controls and audit procedures; the selection process for the in-country Executing Agencies and Country Programme Monitors for the Global Sanitation Fund follows UNOPS' standard procurement procedures, for example.

Below you can see a listing of current business procurement opportunities (if any) for firms and organizations interested in serving as an Executing Agency or Country Programme Monitor in countries where they have not yet been selected.

In countries where they have been selected, potential sub-grantees for the hygiene and sanitation promotional work can contact the national Executing Agency to find out about funding opportunities.


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