Fundamental truths and assumptions about development financing and sanitation and hygiene improvement are at the core of the Global Sanitation Fund's work. 

For the implementation and management of its Global Sanitation Fund, WSSCC has developed eleven unalterable and inalienable principles that ensure the GSF both functions well and has real impact by improving the lives of people who don't have safe sanitation or good hygiene practices.

These fundamental are below.

Be people-centred, community-managed and demand driven
The GSF supports work programmes that have been developed through participatory decision making processes involving the communities. The work aims to achieve community level health benefits and respond to the needs and wishes of the people. It concentrates on hygiene education, raising awareness and creating demand rather than on constructing or rehabilitating sanitation facilities – because that is done by the householders themselves once they are aware and motivated.

Help poor and unserved communities
All funds GSF funds must contribute to improved sanitation and hygiene for people who currently lack basic sanitation. There is particular focus on groups whose needs are not adequately met by existing funding mechanisms, especially the poor in rural and peri-urban areas.

Remember gender
Sanitation and hygiene affect the privacy, dignity and equity of opportunity of women and girls. The Global Sanitation Fund requires that all supported work gives due consideration to gender.

Expand coverage
While open to innovation, the Global Sanitation Fund's mainly works to increase the number of people with improved sanitation and hygiene. It therefore supports scaling up and replication of proven techniques rather than development and testing of new ones.

Respect national leadership
WSSCC only operates the GSF with the explicit agreement and welcome of national governments. All supported work programmes must fulfil the national sanitation policy and aims and be part of well-coordinated national or local strategies owned by the people and their governments.

Promote sustainable services
The Global Sanitation Fund supports safe and sustainable services, meaning those that protect and promote human health and at the same time do not induce environmental degradation or depletion of the resource base, are technically and institutionally appropriate, economically viable and socially acceptable. The GSF does not prescribe specific technologies or methodologies to attain these sustainability criteria; instead, it evaluates proposals based on their sustainability. 

Pool funds for maximum efficiency and low transaction costs
The Global Sanitation Fund is a single pooled fund. Contributors agree that their funds can be used for the purpose decided by WSSCC's Steering Committee and do not impose operational restrictions on their use. In return WSSCC's Steering Committee is accountable to all the contributors for the use of their funds.

Offer additionality
The GSF boosts expenditure on sanitation and hygiene in particular countries and is therefore additional to other sources of funding for sanitation and hygiene. Its value added is in helping improve the capacity of local organisations to do more work, and by generating material for WSSCC's own advocacy work.

GSF-funded programmes must have target group, smethodologies and timescales. Results-based management enhances accountability, encourages strong performance and creates opportunities for innovation. The contracts for GSF work incorporate results-based management.

Fraud and corruption: zero tolerance!
Fraud and corruption are incompatible with integrity and efficiency. To ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose, WSSCC rigorously applies fraud prevention policies and fraud awareness guidelines and procedures for human resource management, financial management, contracting and procurement

Transparency is vital
All procedures, processes and decisions relating to grants management are publicly available both in written form and in the Global Sanitation Fund section of WSSCC’s website.

Best practices
WSSCC adheres to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness in all its work, including the Global Sanitation Fund. WSSCC also aims to manage the Global Sanitation Fund in accordance with currently-agreed best practice for global funds that covers many aspects of global funds' work, notably to ensure that global funds do not distort or circumvent national leadership.

Last updated: Mon, 10/27/2014 - 16:18