WSSCC's media relations team: at your service!

The media plays an important role in the quest to rally decision makers, policy makers, and the general public on the importance of safe water, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene behaviour. Let us help you explore how good sanitation and hygiene helps human health, dignity, and economic well-being, and protects the environment.

WSSCC maintains a strong partnership with journalists and media outlets through its ongoing media relations efforts, press conferences, internet-based communication channels, radio and TV messages. In addition, WSSCC produces materials to support accurate and timely reporting of WASH issues and encourages coverage of water supply and sanitation in developing countries through, for example, the WASH Media Awards. 

In addition, WSSCC is increasingly engaged in network- and capacity building for journalists in developing countries. WSSCC's media team is ready to assist you in arranging interviews, doing research, providing information, and finding the right materials to complement coverage of sanitation, hygiene and water supply issues. The media work is part of WSSCC's broad-based communications programme, which is designed to both inform and facilitate dialogue with members, partners, stakeholders and the public. It communicates through brochures, newsletters, membership materials and campaigns, and electronic and web-based outreach.

Last updated: Mon, 11/15/2010 - 17:53