Every day, WSSCC members work to achieve sustainable access to safe water and adequate sanitation for all people. The challenge is huge, but we believe that by collaborating we can make change happen.

WSSCC is a people-centred organization and therefore gathers individuals who, collectively, are part of a great WASH movement. It is the people - rather than the organization - who make the real difference. Being a WSSCC member means being a part of a global peer network committed to improve sanitation, hygiene and water worldwide.

Who can become a member?
Any individual working to improve sanitation, hygiene and water supply can become a member.

Why become a member? 

WSSCC members have diverse backgrounds, coming from some 150 countries. They include water and sanitation professionals who mobilize public opinion, influence policies, and get work done on the ground. They come from non-governmental organizations, local and national governments, and United Nations agencies, and include academics as well as water and sanitation professionals. For WSSCC, these members lead technical research, participate in conferences, work with national WASH Coalitions, share ideas, respond to calls for information, contribute to the development of materials, and elect its Steering Committee.

Members have rights and opportunities that include  

  • Voting in WSSCC’s Steering Committee elections
  • Access to the multi-purpose members-only section of the WSSCC website for networking, advocacy, and knowledge acquisition
  • Membership in National WASH Coalitions

And much more … to know more about member benefits, please click here.

What can members do?
Members have many opportunities to serve WSSCC, the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors, and the 2.5 billion people without access to basic sanitation. Here are just a few of the many ways that members can contribute:

Members can

  • Share research, case studies, reports of activities as well as experiences
  • Engage with others through the discussion board on the members-only section
  • Participate in National WASH Coalition work
  • Engage with thematic working groups and events such as regional workshops
  • Support global and national advocacy campaigns
  • Contribute advocacy campaign success stories through the website
  • Participate in on-line advocacy campaigns organized by the Secretariat 
  • Raise awareness of sanitation demand creation

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