By joining WSSCC, you join a leading organization dedicated to one of the most important causes of our time: water supply, sanitation, and hygiene for all people.

More than that, though, you access a number of benefits available only to WSSCC members. For example, you can network with peers, serve as a National WASH Coordinator, access the members-only section on the WSSCC website, gain third party benefits, and much more. Read below!

As a member, you have many benefits and opportunities. WSSCC is a network of professionals who are committed to achieving water and sanitation for all and who wish to collaborate among themselves but also with other professionals from the sector.  What can you do as a member? Check it out:

Contribute to our Community of Practice 
The Community of Practice (CoP) provides a neutral overarching web or "meta platform" that links existing learning, networks, working groups and practitioners in sanitation and hygiene together. WIth the CoP, sanitation and hygiene and water supply practitioners come together in a neutral space without logos or organizational affiliation to share and learn from each other.

Make a difference locally
WSSCC’s National WASH Coalitions in more than 20 countries are on the leading edge of in-country WASH work. Make a difference on your home front!

Participate in water, sanitation and hygiene conferences and workshops
Participating in WSSCC-managed events such as regional workshops and WASH Forums supports all of your networking, knowledge management, and advocacy aims. 

Access knowledge you can use
Members are kept abreast of the latest developments in the sector and in the organization. As a member, you receive regular knowledge-related updates via a member newsletter, and internal documents such as minutes from WSSCC’s Steering Committee meetings.

But wait, there’s more!
You have access to our powerful members-only section of the WSSCC website. There you can:

  • Search for and contact other members, particularly your peers who share your own areas of interest. Members can search by country, region, WASH topic, language and other areas of interest.
  • Participate in the members’ discussion board. Members can discuss online with other members on specific topics, by region or language, sharing solutions or developing collaboration with one another.
  • Publish stories, articles, speeches, publications and submit resources such as photos or audio clips.
  • Through this, you can share knowledge from your own country or work, contributing to the community’s knowledge base as a whole.

Be a part of a democratic movement
WSSCC members can vote and stand for the WSSCC Steering Committee, our democratically elected governing body. In this way you contribute to an organization that is truly “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. 

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