WASH 2009 in Ukraine: Focus on Sanitation and Hygiene

Ukraine WASH Coalition

The Ukraine Coalition’s WASH 2009 projects aimed to raise public awareness on the lack of sanitation and hygiene and of their links with health; to put sanitation higher on the political agenda by setting sanitation targets in the UNECE Protocol on Water and Health; and to develop the Coalition at local and national levels. Activities continued from March’s Water Day to October’s national conference and regional seminars, and were matched by practical work in schools and homes. Problems included the lack of political will and capacity to implement the Protocol; of resources; and of awareness. Frequent administrative reforms and political changes are the main problems for Protocol implementation, and both access to information and public participation are limited.

About the author

The Ukraine WASH Coalition engages in restoring water, sanitation and hygiene to a higher position on the political agenda and creates public awareness, especially for and with children and women. They have focused their efforts on building a strong National Coalition in order to consolidate stakeholders’ efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals on water supply and sanitation and in promoting public involvement in policy-making processes.

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