Water Sanitation and Hygiene in the Next Decade: a Review of Lessons on WASH Coalitions- Tanzania

Tanzania WASH Coalition

In its first year, 2004, coalitions at national and district levels mobilized local campaigns in six districts to improve planning processes and increase budget allocations for water, sanitation, and hygiene. WASH partners jointly developed a strategy, communication messages, and plans for community mobilization. Continued work in raising the profile of sanitation in the planning process at local levels will improve water, sanitation, and hygiene throughout the country.

About the author

The Tanzania WASH coalition is a broad group of stakeholders working for hygiene and sanitation promotion at national and district level. Through linkages to the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the Coalition works in partnership to ensure the visibility of the sanitation and hygiene agenda at various levels.

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