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What a day! UN partners WSSCC and OHCHR gather diverse stakeholders to foreground sanitation, rights and dignity for women

Grass-roots activists shared inspirational experiences on reducing female circumcision in Senegal, raising awareness of lesbian and transgender issues in Nepal and working for the dignity of sex workers in India at a special meeting at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on Friday.

Source: WSSCC
7 March 2014

Special notice for members: Nominations sought by 10 January 2013 for SIDS, Latin America, and Global Steering Committee seat election

In January, WSSCC will begin elections to fill three open seats on WSSCC’s government body, its member-elected Steering Committee. 

Source: WSSCC
14 December 2012

WSSCC facilitates first-ever "triggering" exercise in China's Jilin province

In July 2012, WSSCC helped to facilitate the first-ever "triggering" exercise in China's Jilin province, within the context of a partnership with UNICEF-China aimed at supporting the Government to address the national sanitation challenge of 500 million people without safe and hygienic facilities. Read more

27 July 2012

Tubig sa Banga (Water in a Jar)

Water sources are abundant in many upland communities in rural areas, particularly in the Bukidnon Province., home of the watersheds and famous for the scenic and historic Mount Kitanglad. …

Author: Lucille B. Isnani
Bukidnon, Philippines
15 July 2011
Last updated: Fri, 07/22/2011 - 17:31

This week's global WASH news

The week in WASH news.

21 April 2011

WSSCC visits China

In October 2009 WSSCC was pleased to make its first visit to China to learn about its WASH sector. The visit focused on meeting colleagues and learning about sanitation and hygiene issues and programmes as well as exploring the role for WSSCC in relation to China. There are a large number of people without improved sanitation in China, some 460 million mainly in rural areas according to the JMP.

Source: WSSCC
1 December 2009