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Studio WASH: listen – share – act

Is it possible to carry water, sanitation and hygiene messages by the people to the people – irrespective of their educational background, age, sex, religion, location, language and ethnicity? Yes, culture sensitive WASH Radio Campaigns can do it!

Source: WSSCC
19 September 2008

Zura Mendikulova of Kyrgyzstan speaks about the International Year of Sanitation

WSSCC's Tatiana Fedotova speaks with Zura Mendikulova of Kyrgyzstan about the excitement around the International Year of Sanitation.

Source: WSSCC
15 January 2008

International Year of Sanitation and Ecological Safety in Kyrgyzstan. Challenges and new opportunities of increase in sanitation safety in rural areas

Conference participants intended to help improve ecological safety, sanitation, and drinking water conditions in Kyrgyzstan.

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