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Re-viewing JMP on MDGs!

The JMP (Joint Monitoring Programme) for Water Supply and Sanitation serves as the official mechanism of the United Nations for monitoring access to drinking-water and sanitation, and for reporting globally on the status of Drinking-Water and Sanitation coverage. One can’t be sure, whether enough probing or questions are incorporated to elicit detailed information about drinking water and sanitation. This is one of the important limitations of NFHS or DHS data, which, at present is being used under JMP to show progress of a country on MDG target 7c.

Source: JMP
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Water Supply and Sanitation in Tajikistan

More than 60% of all water resources in Central Asia are concentrated in the glaciers of Tajikistan. Water supply systems have been operating for 30 - 50 years. There has been no adequate technical maintenance of these systems in the last 10-15 years, which resulted in their current poor technical capacities.

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