New National Coordinators appointed

Last updated: Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:03

WSSCC is pleased to announce the appointment of 13 new National Coordinators (NC) from across Africa and Asia. National Coordinators are vital to WSSCC, as they work on a voluntary basis to ensure WSSCC’s engagement is strategic at the country level in a way that adds value to the WASH sector and ultimately contributes to WSSCC’s mission to ensure sustainable sanitation, better hygiene and safe drinking water for all.

National Coordinators are seasoned and well recognized experts in their field, who influence sanitation and hygiene programming, sector coordination and strengthen advocacy on behalf of WSSCC. They are appointed on a voluntary basis.  WSSCC is proud to welcome the following newly appointed WSSCC National Coordinators:

Milon Bikash Paul, Bangladesh; Félix Adégnika, Benin; Kim Hor, Cambodia; Michael Negash Beyene, Ethiopia; Vinod Mishra, India; Jean Herivelo Rakotondrainibe, Madagascar; Ngabaghila Chatata, Malawi; Priscilla Achakpa, Nigeria; Wilhemina Malima, Tanzania; Doreen Wandera, Uganda; Ms. Tanya Khan, Pakistan; Guna Raj Shrestha, Nepal; and Lovemore Mujuru, Zimbabwe.

WSSCC members in those regions who would like to be in contact with their National Coordinator may do so via the contact form under each country page on the WSSCC website here.