Special notice for members: Nominations sought by 10 January 2013 for SIDS, Latin America, and Global Steering Committee seat election

Last updated: Wed, 01/02/2013 - 18:37

In January, WSSCC will begin elections to fill three open seats on WSSCC’s government body, its member-elected Steering Committee. This is being done now so that these new members may take their seats at the March 2013 Steering Committee meeting.  In advance of the election, WSSCC now seeks nominations of members to stand in the elections for seats representing the Small Island Developing States, Latin America, and Global categories. Visit the WSSCC website here to learn more about the nomination process.

To learn more about the nomination procedure, visit the Steering Committee election site in the member area

The deadline for submitting a nomination is 10 January 2013.