Highlights from the 2011 WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene

1 November 2011

The first-ever WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene took place from 9 to 14 October 2011 in Mumbai, India.  WSSCC brought together almost 500 sanitation and hygiene professionals and WSSCC members, as well as communicators, educators, health professionals, architects, academics, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, leaders and professionals from other disciplines. Participants came from over 70 countries. A third came to the Forum from Africa, half from Asia and the remainder from Europe and the Americas. They spent a week networking, sharing, learning, strategizing and building momentum.

The "Highlights of the Forum" report is a short summary of the WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene. It is intended to immediately bring out the highlights of the week, take home messages and an overall call to action. Not all sessions are detailed, nor are all speakers, facilitators or rapporteurs mentioned. This report is intended as a snapshot of the week that was. A more comprehensive report will follow at the end of the year, with a full participant list, substantive reference pieces, new directions, innovations and links. It will also provide practical information about the Community of Practice and WASH Fair.

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