Inadequate Sanitation Costs India Rs 2.4 Trillion (US $ 53.8 billion)

Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), ADB, AusAid, UKAid

The study from India is part of the Water and Sanitation Program’s (WSP) Global Economics of Sanitation Initiative (ESI). It analyzes the evidence of the adverse economic impacts of inadequate sanitation at the national level using information on health (deaths and diseases) and other impacts including those on availability and quality of drinking water, welfare losses, tourism, and so on.

The study estimates that the total economic impacts of inadequate sanitation in India amounts to Rs. 2.44 trillion (US$53.8 billion) a year- this was the equivalent of 6.4 percent of India’s GDP in 2006. This means a per person annual impact of Rs. 2,180 (US$48).

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The Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) is a multi-donor partnership administered by the World Bank to support poor people in obtaining affordable, safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation services. WSP works directly with client governments at the local and national level in 25 countries through regional offices in Africa, East and South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and in, Washington D.C.

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