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WSSCC talks menstrual hygiene at University of North Carolina conference

Menstrual hygiene management, an important topic which is the focus of WSSCC research and advocacy efforts, is on the agenda for the 450 leading water experts gathering this week in Chapel Hill, N.C., USA, for the second annual conference on "Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy."

Source: WSSCC
31 October 2012

Nirmal Bharat Yatra celebrates Global Handwashing Day with soapy mega-party in Indore on 14 and 15 October

With more than 1,000 Indian children dying from diarrhea every day, India is the undisputed world leader in child mortality from preventable diarrhea, far ahead of Pakistan, Bangladesh or China. 

15 October 2012

Taking Menstrual Hygiene State - wide in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu in India is taking the lead when it comes to promote Menstrual Hyginene Managment at scale.  Doing more than mentioning the unmentionable!

Author: Amudha Periasamy
10 October 2012
Last updated: Tue, 03/20/2012 - 16:10

Upcoming conference: Menstrual Hygiene Management through WASH in Schools

A virtual conference on Menstrual Hygiene Management through WASH in Schools will take place on 27 September. Organized by UNICEF the event will bring together those already working on MHM-related issues. Read more!

20 September 2012

A tide of change in India - 3,000 days of pain and shame is out in the open

 WSSCC and the Nirmal Bharat Great WASH Yatra shows how Menstrual Hygiene Management significantly benefits women’s health, empowerment, education and liberty.


Source: WSSCC, WASH United and Quicksand
13 September 2012

WSSCC’s Archana Patkar Reports from Rio: Water (and Sanitation) Spur Dialogue

The Rio +20 conference is taking place from June 20 to 22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and while not necessarily the biggest areas of focus, water and sanitation are nonetheless on the agenda. WSSCC's own Archana Patkar, Programme Manager for Networking and Knowledge Management, is on site in Rio. Among her tasks is to track and participate in developments related to post-Millennium Development Goal (MDG) setting, and equity and inclusion, particularly as it relates to the human right to water and sanitation.

Source: WSSCC
21 June 2012

De Rio, Archana Patkar du WSSCC: Dialogue animé sur l’Eau (et l’Assainissement)

La conférence Rio +20 a lieu du 20 au 22 juin à Rio de Janeiro au Brésil, bien que n’étant pas les sujets phares de cette rencontre, l’eau et l’assainissement font partie du programme. Archana Patkar, Responsable du programme de Networking et de Gestion  des connaissances au WSSCC, est à Rio. Elle aura pour mission de suivre et participer aux débats concernant l’après Objectif du Millénaire pour le Développement (OMD), l’équité et l’inclusion, en particulier lorsqu’il s’agit du droit humain à l’eau et l’assainissement. 

Source: WSSCC
21 June 2012

Menstrual hygiene: Breaking the silence

The subject of menstruation remains a taboo, especially in many low-income countries. Advice and products on menstrual hygiene are essential for the promotion of health, dignity and education.

Source: SHARE
29 May 2012

A Story of Sana & Kalsoom for Menstrual Hygiene Promotion

Sana, a young girl -  a student of  class 9 and member of the School Hygiene Club is proving herself as an agent of change by promoting best practices of Menstrual Hygiene Management in Pakistan.

People's Stories
Author: Saifullah Khan
Mardan Khyber Pakhunkhwa
1 February 2012
Last updated: Wed, 03/21/2012 - 11:31

BRAC's efforts in Managing Menstrual Hygiene

BRAC presents how they adress menstrual hygiene management by locally producing and disbuting sanitary pads, integrating hygiene education and promoting separate toilets for girls.

Author: Babar Kabir
10 January 2012
Last updated: Thu, 01/12/2012 - 12:48