Learning Brief - Sanitation and social empowerment

Homeless International
June 2012

In our second learning brief, which also reflects on our multi-country project, Water and sanitation provision for the urban poor in Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, we examine the relationship between water and sanitation and empowerment. The learning brief explores how community-led water and sanitation provision supports and creates opportunities for social empowerment as well as how it could hinder empowerment.

About the author

Homeless International is a UK-based NGO working in long-term partnership with organisations of the urban poor to improve their lives and find lasting solutions to urban poverty. We support them in designing and implementing community-driven land, housing, infrastructure and slum upgrading initiatives. We believe that sustainable solutions can be created only if people have an opportunity to play a lead role in designing solutions that work for them and have access to land, finance, information, organisation and technology.

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