Water, Sanitation and Disabilities in Rural West Africa - Enhancing access and use of WASH facilities

Ray Norman
Messiah College, World Vision, teh Collaboratory, Conrad N Hilton Foundation
16 December 2011

The Mali Water and Disabilities Study was established to examine issues of access to and use of clean water and sanitation facilities by disabled people within targetted communities of the West Africa Water Initiative.

This report provides the findings of the Study and is intended to serve as a practical guide for WASH practitioners who seek to develop community WASH programs that are inclusive of disabled people in the West African region. The report provides a review of specific issues encountered people who have disabilities, and provides low-cost recommendations, as well as guidance for engaging the disabled and the communities where they live. 

The three‐year Study (2007‐2009) was supported by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and jointly implemented by Messiah College and World Vision Mali.

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