The new Global WASH Campaign is here: Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product (GDP for GDP).

The Global WASH Campaign, initiated by WSSCC in 2001, is a global advocacy movement around safe water, sanitation and hygiene. A new set of materials has been developed, themed GDP for GDP, focusing on the economic benefits to be gained from investing in sanitation while also stressing human dignity.

Worldwide, more than one in three people lack access to a safe, hygienic toilet. This simple fact costs people their health, countries their GDP and billions their dignity.

But there is a solution; we call it

GDP for GDP – Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product

Any actions taken to improve sanitation and hygiene – from building a toilet to teaching children to wash their hands with soap – are Good Dignity Practices. These bring economic benefits and improve dignity. 

Find out how you can become involved in GDP for GDP and help turn shit into gold:

Campaign background: the thinking that led WSSCC to develop its new campaign theme, and how the set of materials is designed to address the current sanitation challenge.

Campaign theme: an overview of GDP for GDP – the key messages, an explanation of the approach, and campaign goals.

Campaign materials: an introduction to each of the resources and suggestions for how to use them for different target audiences and in a range of contexts.  

You can also download all of the above in our "GDP for GDP Campaign Guidelines" document. 

If you would like to receive further information on the GDP for GDP campaign, please get in touch with us via

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