Listen, share, act! WASH Radio Campaigns educate communities about healthy practices related to water, sanitation, and hygiene and empower them to advocate for change.

Radio campaigns give voice to people for whom the lack of daily access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is a life-threatening reality.

Even in today's multimedia world, ‘old-fashioned’ radio remains a popular and reliable medium for spreading information, particularly in developing countries and places with low literacy rates. WSSCC promotes radio campaigns to carry water supply, sanitation, and hygiene messages by the people to the people – irrespective of their educational background, age, sex, religion, location, language, or ethnicity.

A WASH Radio Campaign aims to support and accelerate the advocacy and communication efforts of National WASH Coalitions. It creates a platform to discuss and disseminate WASH news, facts, and stories. Keys to effective promotion via radio are creative programming (discussion panels, community debates, drama, documentaries, public service announcements, jingles) and the involvement of various sector stakeholders, such as public figures, government officials, civil society activists, and others. Stimulating dialogues as well as audience participation generate ideas and solutions to problems and, ultimately, propel communities to action.

Familiarize yourself with Studio WASH by reading about the campaigns and listening to some broadcasts in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe.

Last updated: Mon, 11/08/2010 - 17:15