Women Leaders for WASH are committed to highlighting and promoting worldwide gender equality in the decision-making and management of water supply and sanitation systems.

The initiative ‘Women Leaders for WASH’ has been set up to promote women at the centre of water supply, sanitation, and hygiene activities.

Women are the most affected by lack of adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene services. They are also frequently best placed to manage and raise awareness of WASH interventions due to their roles in the household. Indeed, women often promote local-level WASH initiatives, but are not equally represented in the decision-making of WASH improvements.

Women Leaders for WASH is an initiative that brings together a group of distinguished women leaders all over the world to advocate for improved WASH services. They act as the voice for broad constituencies, both as individual public figures, and as part of a dynamic group of women leaders.

They are heads of state, policy leaders in both developing and developed countries, lead UN organizations or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or are prominent academics, members of the media, or the private sector. Despite their diverse backgrounds, members of Women Leaders for WASH are united in the goal of bringing about positive improvements in the lives of other women.

The group of leaders is not only concerned with the immediate impacts on women of inadequate WASH policy and services, but is also aware of the impacts that WASH have on other development issues.

Meet two current Women Leaders for WASH! An interview with the honourable Maria Mutagamba, Ex Minister for Water and the Environment of Uganda can be found here. That ofEngineer Ebele Okeke, former Head of the Nigerian Civil Service and first female Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water Resources of Nigeria can be found here.

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