Become a successful advocate!

With effort and practice, you can inspire and motivate a wide range of people to take action.

Advocacy involves looking outward to determine your objectives and audiences; looking inward to assess your resources; and looking ahead to monitor the effectiveness of your advocacy and adjust it to achieve your objectives.

There is no universal formula or method for effective advocacy, though experience shows advocacy is more likely to succeed when it is based on solid analysis and careful planning. Research and analysis is only part of the equation; the other is somewhat intangible. Some call it an ‘art’.

Successful advocates inspire and motivate a wide range of people to take action. Both creative and innovative, they find ways to draw attention to their issue. Changing policy through advocacy requires many challenges – some will require fights, and others compromise. The effective advocate uses each contest to hone their political instincts and timing, strategically choosing each issue to battle over in the quest for their ultimate objective. Above all, the effective advocate is passionate about the issues s/he advocates.

The Tips & Techniques section is intended to help you become a successful advocate for water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) for all. Once you are clear on what advocacy is and the facts associated with water, sanitation, and hygiene, you can begin planning and implementing your advocacy work. Visit How to” for Advocacy as well as Tools and Guidelines to hone your advocacy skills and make your efforts more effective.

Are you ready to champion your issue, draw attention to it, and get it on the agenda in your community? In your city? In your country? Worldwide? Go ahead…


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