WSSCC Nepal chapter and the media: a win – win relationship

Date: 9th November 2010

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On 1 June the Nepal WASH Coalition began a collaboration with the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) for “Sanitation Promotion and Media Advocacy” to inform, promote and advocate about sanitation issues nationally and locally. An orientation session helped journalists learn about sanitation in Nepal and the role of media to raise awareness and to support, for example, advocacy efforts aimed at increasing national sanitation funding. A month-long media campaign coincided with the National Sanitation Week (1-7 June), with 228 news pieces published and broadcast on sanitation.

In addition, fact finding missions under the FNJ umbrella took place in four districts around the country. The purpose was to identify places with high diarrhoea incidence and explore its underlying causes. The findings were shared with parliamentarians representing the districts to inform them of the sanitation conditions in their respective areas, to reflect about national and global targets on sanitation and to identify possible future actions to address sanitation issues at district, policy and constitutional levels. Parliamentarians found the sessions useful and expressed commitment to bring up sanitation as an agenda within their parties and the Parliament. For more information, contact Mr. Umesh Pandey, WSSCC National Coordinator for Nepal, at

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