Call for Expression of Interest and Proposal to implement the UMATA Programme in Dodoma Region

Date: 27th May 2013

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Call for Expression of Interest and Proposal to implement the Usafi wa Mazingira Tanzania (UMATA) Programme in Dodoma Region



The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) established the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) to provide grant support to scale up successful sanitation and hygiene approaches targeting poor people in areas of greatest need.  The WSSCC Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

In Tanzania the GFS’s Programme Coordinating Mechanism (PCM) is the National Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Unit, which is mandated to oversee the efficient and effective operationalisation of the National Sanitation Policy.  The WSSCC supported the GSF’s PCM in Tanzania to develop a GSF Country Programme Proposal (CPP) to achieve the objectives of increasing sanitation coverage and improving associated hygiene behaviours.  The PCM developed a programme focused in Dodoma Region and entitled Usafi wa Mazingira Tanzania (UMATA).

Plan Tanzania, an international non-governmental organization dedicated to the rights of children and to working with the most marginalized groups, was selected through a competitive process to act as the GSF’s Executing Agency (EA) in Tanzania.  Plan has the responsibility to identify sub-grantees to implement different elements of the programme to achieve the overall programme objectives and targets.  The procurement process and contractual conditions of sub grantees will be in accordance with rules and procedures laid down in the Sub Grant Management Procedures developed by Plan for the GSF.


Plan Tanzania, acting as Executing Agency (EA) for the Global Sanitation Fund in Tanzania, invites suitably qualified firms/organisations to express interest in the role of sub-grantee (SG) for the GSF grant programme in Tanzania and submit Expression of Interest along with a Full Proposal to execute the programme components under the GSF- supported programme to Government of Tanzania (GoT) called Usafi wa Mazingira Tanzania (UMATA).

While the submission of EOI and Full Proposals is double submission, the Expression Of Interest (EOI) will be evaluated first and only successful EOI will result in the Full Proposal being evaluated.  The initial contract duration will be 2.5 years, extendable upon satisfactory performance of services.

Plan Tanzania is seeking qualified offers for seven sub grants, related to three separate Terms of Reference:

1.Strengthening the supply of sanitation products and services through sanitation marketing (SG1: Bahi; SG2: Chamwino; SG3: Kongwa)
2. Increasing households and business access to finance to support improvement in sanitation and hygiene (SG4: Bahi, Chamwino & Kongwa)
3.Sanitation demand creation and hygiene behavior change in communities and schools (SG5: Bahi; SG6: Chamwino; SG7: Kongwa)



1.The applicant must be a legal entity registered in Tanzania with the right to enter a contractual agreement with Plan Tanzania. It can also be a consortium of legal entities where the lead agency is registered in Tanzania. It must have no history of legal proceedings related to fraud or corruption.  The applicant could be any type of firms/organisations that fulfills the above criteria. The applicant must demonstrate that it:

•Has the necessary technical skills and experience to manage and deliver the project.
•Has the capability to manage and account properly for the total project costs

2.  To enable you to submit a proposal, please find below links to the Instructions to Offerors and the Annexes to support the application process:

Invitation to EOI and RFP and instruction to offerors

 i. Annex I: Expression Of Interest Submission Form
ii. Annex II: Full Proposal Submission Forms
iii. Annex III: Budget Template for Financial Offer (Excel format)
iv. Annex IV: Cover Letter
v. Annex V: Terms of Reference: Strengthening the supply of sanitation products and services through sanitation marketing
vi. Annex VI: Terms of Reference: Increasing households and business access to finance to support improvement in sanitation and hygiene
vii. Annex VII: Terms of Reference: Sanitation demand creation and hygiene behavior change in communities and schools
viii. Annex VIII: Country Programme Proposal (CPP)
ix. Annex IX: Global Sanitation Fund Results Framework
x. Annex X: Sub-grantee Management Procedures
xi. Annex XI: Draft Agreement of Cooperation

•Any request for clarification should be referred to the Country Director before close of business on 17/06/2013 at the following e-mail address Any written reply to a particular question will be uploaded to our web address:  for all interested part to access.

•There shall be an information/pre-EOI and proposal workshop on 12/06/2013 to give applicants an opportunity to clarify matters pertaining to the Expression of Interest and Request for Proposal.  If you are interested to attend the workshop, please confirm your participation to Plan Tanzania at by 07/06/2013, and further information concerning location and agenda will be provided.

•You are being requested to inform Plan Tanzania by e-mail: before close of business on 17/06/ 2013 as to:

 i.    Your interest to submit a Expression of Interest and Full Proposal

  ii.    Which Sub-Grants you are interested to submit proposals for

Interested organizations should make their submission (EOI and Full Proposal) by 24/06/2013, 1700 hours Tanzania local time directly to Plan Tanzania through below address:


  • Country Director
  • Plan Tanzania                                                                                                         
  • Usafi wa Mazingira Tanzania (UMATA)
  • Global Sanitation funded Program in Tanzania
  • P.O.BOX 3517
  • Dar Es Salaam

•Plan Tanzania is not bound to accept any highest or lowest bid.

Attachments ( questions raised by potential sub-grantees):


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