WSSCC to hold election for Steering Committee Global Seat

Date: 2nd February 2016

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WSSCC has announced a call for nominations for the forthcoming election to fill a global vacant seat on its Steering Committee. Nominations of individuals who have been WSSCC members for at least two years will be accepted by 15 February, with the election to take place between 23 February and 10 March.

WSSCC’s Steering Committee provides strategic oversight for the organization’s work. It is a democratic body elected by representatives from WSSCC’s regions – Global, Small Island Developing States, Eastern and Southern Africa, South Eastern/East Asia, South Asia, Middle Northern and Western Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe/West and Central Asia. WSSCC members from the Global region are eligible to vote in the election for the Global seat.

“We look forward to receiving nominations from our members for this election,” said Chris Williams, WSSCC Executive Director. “The SDG era is a crucial one for WSSCC as it takes its work with sanitation at scale, equality and non-discrimination, and collaboration forward. The Steering Committee is a leading part of that effort.”

For the WSSCC Governance Document, click here.

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