Meet Freddy the Fly: A New Video Promotes Open Defecation Free Living

Date: 14th June 2017

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WSSCC’s Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) works to eliminate the practice of open defecation, and uses a variety of behaviour change education resources to assist communities on their journey to Open Defecation Free (ODF) status.

WSSCC offers a two-minute video to all partners to illustrate the ODF journey – but from the perspective of a grumpy, shit-eating fly!

The video is based on the poem, ‘Freddy the Grumpy Fly’ written by GSF’s Patrick England, with inspiration from Clara Rudholm and Oliver Jones.

In rhyming couplets and from the fly’s point of view, the poem details how a community comes to realize for themselves that open defecation – which includes latrines that do not hygienically contain waste – inadvertently causes people to eat their own and their neighbours’ shit!  It details how the community can use their own knowledge and resources to improve the situation.

The simple and entertaining video is available in English and French language versions. Please download it from this Dropbox link. You can  also find the videos on WSSCC’s Youtube channel.

Should you wish to add a narration track in your local language, please contact us for a version with only the ambient soundtrack. You can also download the poem in English, and in French.

We encourage all of our partners to use and share the video widely  – enjoy Freddy the Fly!

Please contact us if you would like inspiration on how to include Freddy in your World Toilet Day and Global Handwashing  Day promotions:




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