WSSCC to hold elections for Steering Committee seats

Date: 3rd August 2018

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Which seats are being contested?

  • South Asia
  • South Eastern/East Asia
  • Eastern & Southern Africa

Timeline for the election


The deadline for submitting complete nominations for all seats mention above is 23:59 (11:59 pm) CET, on Thursday 23rd August 2018Click here to convert this to your local time.

Steering Committee Nomination Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WSSCC Steering Committee?

The WSSCC Steering Committee is the governing body of WSSCC, and its members act in the best interests of all WSSCC members and stakeholders, in line with WSSCC’s agreed strategic priorities. Combined, the skills, experiences and expertise of the Steering Committee should ensure achievement of the results described in WSSCC’s Strategic Plan and annual work plans, as well as the management of the organization.  Members of the Steering Committee are elected and/or appointed as per the agreed composition of the Steering Committee. (For more information, please refer to the WSSCC Steering Committee Composition, Qualifications and Election Processes).  Once elected, a Steering Committee member serves a three-year term, unless the WSSCC Chairperson decides otherwise.

Can I stand for the elections?

You can stand for election, if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You reside in one of the countries that belong to one of the contested regions. WSSCC Geographical Regions and countries.
  2. You meet at least six of the criteria from Table 1 of the WSSCC Steering Committee Elections Nomination Form
  3. You meet all the criteria from Table 2 of the WSSCC Steering Committee Elections Nomination Form

How do I stand for election?

An individual is first nominated by himself/herself, or another member from any region. Once nominated, that person can only receive votes from members of his/her region.

  1. Complete and sign the WSSCC Steering Committee Elections Nomination Form.  A nomination needs to be counter-signed by at least six members, including at least one by a National Coordinator or a Steering Committee member who is not standing for re-election. Once you have completed and had all forms signed, send it and all other required documents to Please note that you have to complete and submit all the pages of the form by the deadline, in order for your nomination to be considered.  Any late or incomplete nominations may result in the nominee being disqualified.
  2. Following the nomination process, members from the regions will receive an email, inviting them to vote for the nominees contesting their regional seat. Please note that only members from the region in question are eligible to vote. All members who are eligible get one vote.  (A designated representative can cast a vote on behalf of an organizational member but may not thereafter vote as an individual member.)  The election is supervised by the WSSCC Chair, the Election Standing Committee and the WSSCC Secretariat.
  3. During the nomination and voting period, nominees (only) may use the WSSCC Members’ Community portal to promote their campaign. Instructions for using the message function on the Members’ Community page.

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