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12 November 2019

14 October 2019

WSSCC’s Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) Programme in Nepal is financed by WSSCC and implemented by UN Habitat Nepal. This evaluation brief seeks to provide a summative and a formative forward-looking analysis of the Programme. The analysis is framed around the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee (OECD DAC) evaluation criteria of relevance, […]

27 November 2017

The study provides insights and recommendations for sustainability of open defecation free communities in Nepal

4 April 2017

The Nepalese Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation (MoWSS), in collaboration with WSSCC hosted a high-level Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Policy Consultation workshop to initiate the development of a policy framework on MHM in Nepal. Workshop process report.

4 April 2017

WSSCC, in collaboration with the Nepal Ministry of Water and Sanitation, held a six-day Training of Trainers(ToT) in Nagarkot from 20 to 26 February 2017. Here is a full report of the training.

21 October 2016

A panel of experts discussed equal access to sanitation and hygiene in public spaces.

30 August 2016

After the earthquake in Nepal, the GSF-supported programme & partners underwent a learning journey, which is illustrated in a new report.

30 August 2016

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the GSF-supported programme and partners underwent a learning journey, which is illustrated in a new report.

18 July 2016

The role of champions and partners is central to the success of GSF-supported programmes.

30 June 2016

Interactive sessions generated responses on the role that WSSCC can play to contribute to progress in the country.

22 May 2015

The Global Sanitation Fund programme in Nepal is reprogramming funds to contribute to restoration efforts in districts affected by the massive earthquake that struck northwest of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, early on 25 April, and the tremors which followed in May 2015. The GSF’s Executing Agency in Nepal, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) has […]