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21 March 2017

WSSCC, in partnership with Global Citizen and the World Bank, celebrates World Water Day with a panel session dedicated to sanitation.

26 April 2017

Global Citizen continues its work as a watchdog, releasing an accountability update on WASH commitments

20 June 2014

eThekwini Water & Sanitation has been named the 2014 winner of the Stockholm Industry Water Award.

13 September 2013

The second sub regional preparatory meeting for West Africa for the fourth AfricaSan conference started in the morning of 11 September and continues for two days. It follows the sub regional meeting for central Africa. This meeting will enable representatives of the governments and civil society of each country to assess the progress of the eThekwini commitments and the 2012 High Level Forum. 

9 November 2010

The second African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene – AfricaSan+5 – took place from 18 to 21 February 2008 in Durban, South Africa.