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7 July 2020

By Raza Naqvi MUMBAI, India – Over the past three months, 26-year-old Deane De Menezes and her team in Mumbai, have been working hard to reach out to women living in low-income areas. Ms De Menezes, who made it to the Forbes ’30 under 30’ Asia list in 2019, has distributed over 240,000 sanitary napkins […]

22 July 2011

Le Forum mondial sur l’assainissement et l’hygiène du WSSCC aura lieu à Mumbai, en Inde, du 9 au 14 octobre. La deuxième annonce, qui contient de plus amples details concernant le programme et les inscriptions, vient d’être publiée.

13 July 2011

The WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene takes place from 9 to 14 October in Mumbai, India. The 2nd announcement, which contains more detailed programme and registration information, has now been published. In addition, a dedicated website will be available after 15 July 2010. At the website,, visitors can get additional information and register online to participate in the event. 

25 May 2020

By Raza Naqvi A youth organization in New Delhi has been distributing sanitary pads and raising menstrual awareness among girls and women across India since 2016. While the country remains under lockdown due to the coronavirus, Project Baala is determined that its important work still gets done. “Women would have been the worst hit, as […]

8 March 2020

de Trupti Ashtankar et Charlotte Jenner Mumbai, Inde – Dans de nombreuses communautés indiennes, les menstruations et les pratiques d’hygiène qui s’y rapportent restent des sujets sensibles sur le plan social et culturel, passés sous silence et entretenus par des mythes ou des tabous sociaux. De ce fait, les femmes (et les hommes) disposent rarement […]

25 February 2020

By Trupti Ashtankar and Charlotte Jenner Mumbai, India – In many communities across India, menstruation and related hygiene practices are socially and culturally sensitive issues, shrouded in silence and perpetuated by myths or social taboos. As a result, women (and men) often lack essential information about the cause of menstruation, as well as safe menstrual […]

22 August 2018

Le WSSCC se joint au monde entier pour exprimer ses plus sincères condoléances à la famille, aux amis et aux collègues, tant anciens qu’actuels, de l’ancien Secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Kofi Annan. Le récent décès de M. Annan a mis en lumière sa vie et son héritage et a suscité un élan de respect et […]

22 August 2018

WSSCC joins the world in expressing its deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Mr. Annan’s recent passing brought his life and legacy in focus and elicited a global outpouring of respect and appreciation for him, and his work, on social media, traditional media, from many in […]

1 October 2017

Older people need safe and dignified sanitation facilities. WSSCC strives to ensure that their needs are addressed

25 August 2017

It already features among the most successful Hindi movies of 2017

31 March 2017

The WASH sector and South Africa have lost a great friend. WSSCC fondly remembers Piers Cross.

17 February 2017

Do you know what the stress points are for women and girls in their daily sanitation routines? How do they cope? Join our March 2nd webinar.