In 1990, a group of senior staff of developing country governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, NGOs and research institutions founded WSSCC. On December 21, 1990, the 45th Session of the UN General Assembly elected to pass resolution A/RES/45/181,[37] which emphasized the “importance of intensifying the coordination of national activities undertaken with the assistance of all relevant agencies in the field of water supply and sanitation through, in particular, the inter-agency Steering Committee for Co-operative Action for the International Drinking Water Decade and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council”. Through this resolution the WSSCC was formally established as an independent organization with a United Nations mandate. (from Wikipedia)

Through this resolution the WSSCC was formally recognized as an independent organization with a United Nations mandate. 

The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) is a global, multi-stakeholder membership and partnership-based organization that works with poor people, non-State actors and civil society organizations, national and local governments, the private sector and other stakeholders at the national, regional and global levels to improve sanitation and hygiene at scale. WSSCC works to advance sanitation and hygiene and uses this as a foundation for related achievements in health, education, gender equality, urbanization and climate change.
Good governance is at the heart of WSSCC’s commitment to serve those central to its organizational mission and to provide accountability to all stakeholders and donors. This page provides you with quick access to WSSCC’s governance documents. Please explore the below documents for more information about our governance policies.

Our Vision is a world in which everyone, everywhere is able to practice safe sanitation and hygiene with dignity.

Members of the Ithanga Ward Community Based Organization in Kenya spreading the message to Leave No One Behind in sanitation and hygiene.

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Good governance is at the heart of our commitment to serve those central to our mission and is the foundation for sustainable...