WSSCC's Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is central to our work as a membership-based council with country-owned programmes. For more than two decades WSSCC has harnessed the energy and expertise of a global coalition of communities, NGOs, governments, international organizations and the private sector.

National Engagement

On the ground, National Coordinators, through WASH Coalitions in 16 countries, lead WSSCC’s work, serving as coalition heads, spokespersons, and advocates for sanitation, hygiene and water supply issues. They carry out national and local level networking, knowledge management, advocacy and communications activities and are involved in Global Sanitation Fund programme activities.

WSSCC has annual national programmes of action; it contributes to regional and inter-regional activities and mobilizes national-level resources to complement WSSCC’s core funding.


Every day, thousands of WSSCC members in 150 countries work to achieve adequate sanitation and hygiene for all people. The challenge is huge, but we believe that by collaborating we can make change happen. WSSCC is a people-centred organization that gathers together individuals who, collectively, are part of a great WASH movement.

It is the people – rather than the organization – who make the real difference. Being a WSSCC member means being a part of a global peer network committed to improve sanitation, hygiene and water worldwide.

Global Advocacy

WSSCC undertakes global advocacy to influence people, policies, structures, systems and practices to bring about lasting changes for the benefit of the 2.4 billion people who have no access to basic sanitation. We work towards positioning sanitation and hygiene at the forefront of the international development agenda.

Together with global advocacy organizations, UN bodies, government officials and relevant partners and networks, we encourage donor and other governments, development partners and heads of state to prioritize specific investments for sanitation and hygiene.

Sanitation Conferences

WSSCC arranges periodic Global Fora for sanitation and hygiene professionals and plays a leading role in the important regional sanitation conferences held regularly in South Asia, Africa, East Asia and Latin America.

These conferences facilitate cooperation among policy makers so that officials from one country can learn from the experiences of other participating countries. Like WSSCC, the conferences focus on improving sustainable and equitable access to sanitation and hygiene in their respective regions.