Activities of GSF sub-grantees in Madagascar officially launched today

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The official launch of the work of newly selected GSF sub-grantees in Madagascar took place today at the Hotel Colbert in Antananarivo in the presence of the first eight sub-grantees - Malagasy and international NGOs such as ASOS, the Malagasy Red Cross or Caritas - members of the Programme Coordinating Mechanism, members of the WSSCC Global Saniatation Fund  team from Geneva, the media, the Secretary General and Director General from the Ministry of Water and others.

Grants of 400,000 USD each have been allocated for four years to the regions of Analanjirofo, Amoron'i Mania and Menabe. Smaller grants are allocated to other regions and for a shorter period of time. Other rounds of financing to cover more regions will be taking place soon. The overall objectives for each region are the following:

  • all of the communes become open defecation free,
  • all of the communes have a budget for sanitation and the human resources capacity for promotion of sustainable hygienic behaviours, and
  • all of the communes have an active private sector that works to continuously improve sanitation in response to the population's demand and capacity to pay.

In the videos below the following people speak about the launching event, the work to be accomplished by sub-grantees and the structure of the programme in Madagascar:

Barry Jackson, Manager of the Global Sanitation Fund (in English)

Michèle Rasamison, Chair of the GSF Programme Coordinating Mechanism (in French)

Tovoherisoa Ratefy, member of the GSF Programme Coordinating Mechanism representing the private sector (in French)

Rija Fanomeza, Programme Manager for the GSF at MCDI, the Executing Agency (in French)

Rivo Noelson, USAID, WSSCC member (in English)

Representative from SALFA, sub-grantee for the region of Haute Matsiatra (in French)