Safe sanitation and hygiene key to preventing pandemics like COVID-19

(3) © WSSCCJavier Acebal - Sri Lanka

At a time when the global community is hit by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of safe sanitation and hygiene to prevent diseases and live a healthy and fulfilling life is more obvious than ever before.

Safe sanitation and hygiene does not only impact on people’s health. It also impacts on livelihoods, limits opportunities of girls and women and prevents children from attending and finishing school.

Unfortunately, sanitation and hygiene is a forgotten development issue. Globally, some 3 billion people in mainly South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa still lack a basic handwashing facility in their home and nearly 900 million children worldwide lack a basic hygiene service at their school. Similarly, one out of six health care facilities globally lack hand hygiene facilities at points of care.

The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) is a UN-hosted membership organization that works to improve sanitation and hygiene for those most left behind and least able to respond. It is the UN entity focusing solely on SDG 6.2 (sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health).

Investing in sanitation and hygiene is acting smartly to prevent diseases.

Here on our website, you will find videos and articles of how WSSCC has worked over the years on sanitation and hygiene, issues to create sustainable change in the lives of those people most left behind. [In response to the current sanitation and hygiene crisis, a new initiative will be launched soon.]

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