Safely Managed Sanitation Services in the GSF


Sustainable Development Goal 6 for water and sanitation calls for the realization of safely managed services (SMSS) for everyone by 2030. While there has been significant research and implementation to improve the sanitation service chain in urban settings, little guidance is available on how to achieve and sustain SMSS in rural contexts.

    Sanitation study

    In 2019, WSSCC commissioned this study conducted by Andy Robinson and Andy Peal to examine to what extent Global Sanitation Fund (GSF)-supported programmes enabled SMSS in rural areas with collective behaviour change approaches like CLTS. This study includes:

    • A summary of SMSS concepts and issues in rural areas
    • SMSS findings from GSF-supported programmes in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia
    • Good practices for monitoring SMSS in rural areas
    • Recommendations for rural programming