WSSCC commits US$ 5 million through the Global Sanitation Fund in Senegal

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In Senegal on 30 June, the second in country Executing Agency (EA) for the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) signed its contract with WSSCC. Barry Jackson, Global Sanitation Fund Programme Manager, and Hakim Hadjel, Project Officer, were on hand in Dakar when AGETIP, a national non-governmental organization, formalized the start-up of the GSF in the country.

The signing ceremony was chaired by the Honourable Adama Sall, Senegal’s Minister of Urbanisation and Sanitation. WSSCC thus committed to spend US$ 5 million in Senegal over the next five years in order to help more people attain safe sanitation and practice good hygiene.

As in Madagascar, where Medical Care Development International (MCDI) became the Executing Agency in March, AGETIP will now proceed to develop the Global Sanitation Fund implementation work in Senegal. By year’s end, both country EAs will be disbursing funds to approved sub-grantees – NGOs, community groups, and companies, for example – to conduct targeted sanitation and hygiene promotion, marketing and awareness raising.

The latest flurry of activity in Senegal is just a small part of the overall procurement and implementation programme that the GSF staff members in
Geneva are preparing in collaboration with partners in the initial Global Sanitation Fund programme countries. These countries include Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria Pakistan, Tanzania, Togo, and Uganda.