1st Announcement: WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene 2011


WSSCC is pleased to announce The Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene 2011, to be arranged in Mumbai, India, from October 9-14. The event will be a leading platform to discuss and advance sanitation and hygiene issues of importance to billions of people.

Arranged by WSSCC for its members and for professionals from around the world, the event has several aims. First, it will facilitate learning and sharing between WSSCC members, sector practitioners and policymakers. Second, it will energize professional communities through an exclusive platform dedicated to sanitation and hygiene. Third, it will showcase knowledge, investment, communications, advocacy, partnership and networking approaches. And finally, it will strengthen national, regional, South-South and global dialogue and collaboration.

For hundreds of WSSCC members, sector professionals, country agency representatives and individuals from civil society, business and WSSCC partner organizations, the forum will be an exciting week of learning and sharing on the critical sanitation and hygiene issues of our time.

For more information, download the attached 1st Announcement.